School Improvement Committee

My School District is, by all accounts, a failure of a School District.  There is so much to change, the hardest part will be figuring out what NOT to say.

For starters, there is the budget.  The arts, like band, chorus, and musical, and being cut left and right.  These activities are very important to the less athletic students, and help enrich our society.  Cutting them is a mistake, but if it saves the district a buck or two, then it goes out the window.  Money going to the arts is money well spent.

Next, there is the matter of the focus on standardized testing.  Tests are important, yes, but the material that the students are to learn is much more so.  Teachers are being made to stress the emphasis on tests like the PSSA’s and the Keystone exam, instead of letting them teach in the way that they can do most efficiently.

Finally, I feel that teachers don’t teach us in ways that are easier to absorb.  Students prefer learning in ways like using computers and watching movies.  Instead, we are taught by taking notes and listening to a teacher talk for 53 minutes.  We’d learn much faster if we were asked how WE wanted to learn, and isn’t that the goal of school?  Teaching students as quickly and efficiently as possible?

As you can see, school has many issues.  This is just three of them.  However, if we seriously reevaluated the way schooling is done, I believe that it would be much better.  I hope you agree.

2 thoughts on “School Improvement Committee

  1. Hey Will, it’s Ryan. I liked your article, especially how you mentioned that our school is a fail, because it is. I think that, along with the other extracurricular activities, you should have added Seminar. Why didn’t you list that? Did you forget? Either way, good blog. I also agree with you about the PSSA’s. They test us to death. I think should have said something about the school board, but I understand why you wouldn’t. Could you please comment on my blog. ( .)

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